Got A Secret? Can You Keep It?

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Pretty Little Liars TIMELINE! 


October 2008 - “The First Secret” (2x13)

July 2009 - The liars blind Jenna.

September 2009 - Alison goes missing.


Season 1: Liars begin junior year. 

September 2010 - Aria returns from Iceland (1x01). 

September 2010 - Liars start getting -A texts. 

November 2010 - Hanna and Caleb have sex (1x19). 

November 2010 - Ian falls off belltower (1x22). 

(Note: Season 1 took place over about 8 weeks)

(Note: Caleb’s password was the day him and Hanna first had sex, which was November 5th)


Season 2 : Liars still in junior year. 

November 2010 - Ian’s body is found with suicide note (2x04). 

Nov/Dec 2010 - Liars are arrested for being found with “Alison’s” murder weapon (2x12). 

[One month passes between 2x12 and 2x14]

March 2011 - Mona is revealed as -A (2x25).

March 2011 - Maya dies (2x25)

(Note: Marlene tweeted that the timeline was around March for the finale.) 


Season 3: Start of liars senior year. 

September 2011 - Emily digs up “Alison’s” grave.

October 2011 - Emily kills Nate (3x12). 

October 2011 - Toby is revealed as -A [to audience] (3x12). 

October 2011 - Halloween senior year (3x13). 

November 2011 - Mona returns to Rosewood High (3x14). 

November 2011 - Spencer finds out Toby is -A (3x16). 

November 2011 - Ezra finds out about Malcolm (3x17). 

November 2011 - Toby fakes his own death (3x21).

November 2011 - Spencer joins the -A team (3x23). 


Season 4: Liars are still in senior year. 

November 2011 - Wilden is found murdered (4x01).

November 2011 - Jenna drowns at Emily’s party (4x09).

November 2011 - The liars go to Ravenswood (4x12). 

November 2011 - The liars discover 100% Ali IS alive (4x13). 

November 2011 - Aria finds out about the book (4x21). 

November 2011 - Ezra gets shot (4x24). 


Season 5: Liars are still in senior year. 

November 2011 - Aria kills Shana (5x01). 

November 2011 - Ali returns to Rosewood High (5x05)

November 2011 - Thanksgiving senior year (5x13).

November 2011 - Mona dies (5x13). 

December 2011- Christmas episode! (5x14)


Please no one copy this, it honestly took me a LOT of time! If anyone has any other events they would like me to add to the timeline, let me know! 

Time goes VERY SLOWLY in Rosewood. It’s almost like a magical element to us.” -Marlene King


Could be her, right?


Could be her, right?


Is Lucy Hale aware this is on the internet

“Because I’m Worth It”


this was probably the best foreshadowing, but it broke my heart.


this was probably the best foreshadowing, but it broke my heart.

I still think Ezra could be A 


Maybe this is just wishful thinking and seeing clues in bad writing, but if we put aside what Marlene and Co have said in interviews and just go by what’s on screen, Ezra should still be a prime suspect.

  1. He’s a creep. He’s had multiple underage girlfriends and targeted one of his students to get information out of her. This just doesn’t fit with his nice guy act.
  2. He had an elaborate surveillance operation, including hidden cameras, monitoring devices, and a network of contacts. Just like A would need, including a lot of things A had in their lair.
  3. Where did he get the money for all of this? He’s supposed to be a humble English teacher cut off from the family fortune, yet he can afford all this expensive spy equipment and to be paying people like Cece and Mona.
  4. Why hasn’t A targeted him? He’s got the sort of resources that could take A down, plus one of the biggest secrets in Rosewood, yet he has remained blissfully immune from A’s machinations. If he was really on the liars’ side, A could have easily taken him down long ago.
  5. His book story makes no sense. Any publisher with a legal department wouldn’t touch his book with a bargepole, and would probably contact the police once he submits a manuscript where he confesses, in the very first paragraph, to kissing an underage girl who has since gone missing.
  6. He has provided them with no useful information, just a red herring. All that time with all that equipment, and he comes up with Mrs D might be A, then she gets killed before anyone can talk to her.
  7. He’s a very good liar, with time and patience to go undercover for long periods.

I don’t get why no one suspects him.